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Up Your Game.  

Up your rider's class experience.  Up your profile.

The process is easy. The results are 1-2-3!

1.  Video your class.

2.  Upload to a secure and private website.

3.  Receive a personal evaluation that is written and tailored specifically for you within 5 days followed by a live 1 on 1 Skype session to get into the details of the BEST you.

Only $149. Up your rider's experience and raise your profile. Leads to fuller classes and a higher salary for YOU.

Based on the simple to understand 12 Spokes of what makes a great instructor.  You'll receive actions for improvements in areas such as How to be a better motivator, choreographer, entertainer, coach, cheerleader.  Build a better playlist by learning how to choose music that both motivates and intoxicates.  When and where to be a showman.  And yes, how to hypnotize your class.

YOU'RE just beginning -YOU'RE an original, let us show YOU!

All our work together leads to the singular goal of having you find your voice to become YOUR best version of instructor.

Is your class in a rut? Are you a new instructor and just not sure what to do?

This is not taught in any certification.  These mentorships are designed to get you to think about your classes in a new way.  We cover areas and subjects that are not covered in other traditional certifications. Unlike blogs and online groups you will receive private 1 on 1 mentoring specifically for you.

Get to know us so we can get to know you...

Created by veteran Indoor Cycling Instructor and original studio owner Mark Cohen.

Founder of 3Sixty Cycling Studio and creator of the 12 Spokes of a great Indoor Cycling Instructor.  Mark has taught thousands and thousands of classes, auditioned hundreds of instructors and mentored dozens of successful instructors.

Heres what a few instructors just like you have to say about the Your Mentor experience.

"Thank you!  Your Mentor taught me whom I could be.  Thank you for showing me..."It's always been inside you!"...My rider's knew right away something had changed.  I loved your wisdom, hand holding, lessons and our time together."  Isabel V.  -Paris, France

"Dude, you made this so easy.  I got a raise and didn't even have to ask.  My class grew like a monster. Thx."  Jeremy B.  -Alton, Illinois

"I always wanted to be the instructor you helped me become.  THANK YOU!"  Sandy V.-Manalapan, New Jersey

"Not sure why I hesitated doing this.  I'm always a cynic but cynic no more.  I've taken so many classes and read so much stuff but learned more from you in 45 minutes then three years of certs.  Gracias Mark."   Christina P. -Santa Fe, New Mexico

Only $149 to be the best version of YOU!

  • $149 includes a review of your uploaded class video.  Our mentorship begins with an emailed evaluation of your class with a dozen plus actionable lessons for you to implement immediately.  Once you receive your lesson plan we schedule an online 45 minutes Skype session to review and discuss.
  • Want to drill down and continue our mentorship.  Each additional 45 minute 1 0n 1 Skype session only $75 per.
  • Purchase your $149 class video evaluation with 45 minute Skype session and two additional 45 minute Skype sessions in advance for only $269 - ( a $30 savings )

The simple FAQs

1. The process begins with a brief questionnaire emailed to you.

2. Your video of your class performance can be anywhere in length from     20-45minutes.  It can be easily shot on your phone, tablet, camera or     laptop.  (simple to follow instructions supplied at onset).

3. Easily upload your unedited video to our secure and private Dropbox      account. (simple to follow instructions supplied at onset)

4.  Evaluation with actionable insights sent to you via email.

5.  Live 1 0n 1 videoconference to follow at your convenience.

6.  Opportunity to extend mentorship at any time.

The Your Mentor Experience


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Congratulations.  You're new beginning as an Indoor Cycling Instructor is about to happen !

Up your game now!

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Your Mentor for Indoor Cycling Instructors

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